treeHeat-Ministries Caring For The Community:

StreeHeat programs which are aimed at supplying the needs of the communities. StreeHeat programs includes:

1. Food Grant/Food Bank Programs: 
StreeHeat wants to ensure the health of the people of our community. As part of that goal, StreeHeat routinely supplies both Food supplies and Food Grants to needy  family's and individuals who have demonstrated the economic needs.

 If you know of an individual or family who are unable  to buy food for themselves or their family please contact us by email at: streeheatministries@yahoo.com with your contact information.    

If you would like to make a monetary donation to support this program online donation are available
Click Here

At this time all food grants are solely based on donations at this time   

StreeHeat-Ministries, Staff And Volunteers Moving Forward, Making A Difference in The Las Vegas  NV Area.